Illinois Valley Chapter FOCAS
Fellowship of Christian Anglers Society
August Membership Meeting
 Bartonville Bible Church,  3826 W. Chalmers,
 at 7pm on Tuesday, Aug 5th .
All are welcome who are interested in learning about our group.

Editor's Note:
My appologies for the late publishing.
Very busy month!
Chaplin’s Corner
Typically when I write a devotion for the newsletter, I like to pair what I have been studying from various sources with my life experiences or those of close friends or family and an appropriate scripture verse from the Bible.  One of my favorite sources of material is Tony Dungy’s book , “Uncommon Life – Daily Challenge”.  I read one the other day that is just so poignant, and it resonated so thoroughly with me that I decided to include the entire daily devotion just as it appears in the book.   It is entitled “Believe This”.
Since you have been raised to new life with Christ, set your sights on the realities of heaven, where Christ sits in the place of honor at God’s right hand.  Think about the things of heaven not the things of earth”
We know the feeling of being all alone.  I certainly know the feeling.  We’ve all been there – at any and every age in life.  We find ourselves facing something we hadn’t planned on and don’t think we can get beyond, hoping a word of wisdom will fall from above.  Instead, the clouds continue to swarm, and the sky darkens.
            We have found ourselves walking through life, not sure which way to turn for help, not knowing whom to trust, let alone who could possibly help.  Too many times we’ve looked down a long, dark, and winding road stretched out before us, uncertain of where it leads, but knowing we have no choice except to proceed.
            And then we read the apostle Paul’s words to the Colossians, and that urges us to embrace heavenly thoughts that will guide our actions.  All of this is possible because we have a new life and a fresh start in Christ. Because He is risen!
            In the darkest moments, the stone was rolled away, and we found that the tomb was empty!  We are not alone.  In the midst of all the stuff of life that overwhelms us, we know we have been raised to a new life in Christ – and we are not alone.  Knowing that provides us with the motivation to press on, to punch through they gather clouds – knowing that He will provide a way through into the sunshine of a brand-new day.
            He is risen! For you and for me.
            That’s the message of Christ as He connects to each of us and, in particular, to that one person among us who is in need.  That one person struggling to take just one more step.
            Have you been there?  Have you felt all alone, with hopelessness circling around you for the final descent? The message of Christ today and all the way to the end of your life and into eternity is that hope reigns.  Hopelessness has been defeated.
As men and for many of us, being the heads of our households, it is hard not to try to go it alone.  It is our nature.  I hope you find Tony’s words to be a source of encouragment and a lingering reminder that we are certainly not alone.
I’ll leave you with Tony’s challenge, “Feeling all alone? Look again – it’s not so.  Do yourself a favor and never believe that again.  Christ is risen.”
In Christ,

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